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Introducing PrePAN - Social Reviewing Site for Perl Modules

I'll introduce PrePAN to you here. PrePAN is a website for all Perl Mongers, especially for those who have intention to upload their Perl modules to CPAN. PrePAN aims to be a good place for them to make discussion about Perl modules pre-uploaded to CPAN (`PrePAN' is named after that).

I introduced the website at YAPC::Asia 2011. Some Perl mongers have submitted their modules already. Please give a look at them at PrePAN.

What's you can at PrePAN?

  • You can submit your Perl modules and call for review.
  • ...if it's just a proposal/idea before implementation.
  • Make discussion about them by comments.
  • If you want to invite co-developers, PrePAN may be a help of you.


Solution to Your Problem

You may wirte a useful module for your job or your own purpose. You may think it might be worthy for others. However, you may worry about something like below:

  • Are there any similar one?
  • I'm not confident in the implementation...
  • How can I distribute the module in keeping with CPAN's convention?
  • Anyway, I want someone to review my module!!!

PrePAN provides you a place to make discussion about your modules.

Solution to Problems on CPAN

There have been many problems on CPAN like below:

  • Too many modules for us to know all about.
  • There may be many modules for the same purpose. Sometimes, we don't find which is the best.
  • Some modules don't have enough quality.

We'll be glad if PrePAN, as a result, will be a help to improve CPAN for all of us.



Follow our Twitter account for latest updates around PrePAN: @prepanorg. Of course, feel free to talk to me, @kentaro (PrePAN user page), about PrePAN or anything others ;)


This is the best way to send feedbacks, discuss new ideas, and get involved more. Join #prepan on irc.perl.org.

GitHub issues

You can send feedbacks also at GitHub issues page.


  • I launched a website for all Perl Mongers to discuss Perl modules to be uploaded to CPAN.
  • PrePAN helps you and us to solve your and our problems.
  • Feel free to contact us and send feedbacks.
  • We need your help. Please join us and make it goes well!


About kentaro

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