Introducing PrePAN - Social Reviewing Site for Perl Modules

I'll introduce PrePAN to you here. PrePAN is a website for all Perl Mongers, especially for those who have intention to upload their Perl modules to CPAN. PrePAN aims to be a good place for them to make discussion about Perl modules pre-uploaded to CPAN (`PrePAN' is named after that).

I introduced the website at YAPC::Asia 2011. Some Perl mongers have submitted their modules already. Please give a look at them at PrePAN.

What's you can at PrePAN?

  • You can submit your Perl modules and call for review.
  • ...if it's just a proposal/idea before implementation.
  • Make discussion about them by comments.
  • If you want to invite co-developers, PrePAN may be a help of you.


Solution to Your Problem

You may wirte a useful module for your job or your own purpose. You may think it might be worthy for others. However, you may worry about something like below:

  • Are there any similar one?
  • I'm not confident in the implementation...
  • How can I distribute the module in keeping with CPAN's convention?
  • Anyway, I want someone to review my module!!!

PrePAN provides you a place to make discussion about your modules.

Solution to Problems on CPAN

There have been many problems on CPAN like below:

  • Too many modules for us to know all about.
  • There may be many modules for the same purpose. Sometimes, we don't find which is the best.
  • Some modules don't have enough quality.

We'll be glad if PrePAN, as a result, will be a help to improve CPAN for all of us.



Follow our Twitter account for latest updates around PrePAN: @prepanorg. Of course, feel free to talk to me, @kentaro (PrePAN user page), about PrePAN or anything others ;)


This is the best way to send feedbacks, discuss new ideas, and get involved more. Join #prepan on

GitHub issues

You can send feedbacks also at GitHub issues page.


  • I launched a website for all Perl Mongers to discuss Perl modules to be uploaded to CPAN.
  • PrePAN helps you and us to solve your and our problems.
  • Feel free to contact us and send feedbacks.
  • We need your help. Please join us and make it goes well!


Well done. I think this is a great idea. "Request for Comments" style posts in relation to new modules appear quite frequently on Perlmonks so there is clearly a need for this type of forum.

Also, it is executed really well and looks great.

It might also be worthwhile to have an option to invite module authors to submit their module to PrePAN.

For example if someone sees a new module that is similar to existing modules, or is using inefficient code or an inconsistent interface then they could submit a request via PrePAN to invite the author to post their module for discussion. At the moment this type of "review" often happens on CPAN Ratings which isn't very well suited to discussions or comments.

Oh carp. I saw this only after I already sent out this weeks issue of the Perl Weekly.

But on the positive side at least I already have something for next week.

Very nice!

Went to the github page you linked to fork, do some proofreading and send you a pull req with grammar/orthography fixes, but there's no code there. :(

Ah, alright then. :)

Hope to see a new blog entry then. ;)

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