Preliminary results - Survey about Newcomer experience in Perl + One week reminder

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You can still participate
If you have not filled in the survey yet, there is still time to participate. The survey will be live until October 22 and can be completed by any Perl contributor who joined the Perl community within the last two years.

The survey can be found ="…

Newcomer experience and contributor behavior in Perl and other FOSS communities - Survey

My name is Kevin Carillo. I am a PhD student currently living in Wellington (New Zealand) and I am doing some research on Free/Open Source Software communities.

The purpose of the research is to work out how newcomers to a FOSS community become valued sustainable contributors.

You can complete the survey vi…

About Kevin Carillo

user-pic I am a PhD student doing some research about free/open source software communities. I am interested in newcomer experience and the concept of citizenship in FOSS.