Highlights from TPC 2017


This list contains just a small number of talks that I personally thought are important/enjoyable for the most readers. This is by no means an official list curated by an organization. See the YouTube playlist for all awesome talks. I also encourage you to write your own blog about TPC. And yes, it’s officially called “Tipsy” now!

Where did my test fail?

Although I tried to select talks with videos, I had to make an exception for this one. I wasn̵…

how to join #yapc chat on irc.perl.org

  • To go online instantly in a browser, you can use Mibbit
  • To stay online (to read all messages sent, even the ones sent when you were not around), you can use IRCCloud
  • You can set up your own bouncer too!

5 Things I Learned at YAPC

Last week, I attended my very first YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference) at Orlando. While I feel I can write for pages, I want to talk only about several things, following the newest format "online newspapers" are using.

1) USA is huge.

I remember stories on Quora about tourists who tried to make a day trip to California all the way from New York, and I actually laughed at them too. So I knew the continent is big, I guess I never realized it is "that" big. I was at San Jose, California. I took a fligh…

Public Voting through Twitter

Last week, we organized a charity party. It was more like a contest, or a show, in which 10 teams participated. Each team was supposed to perform a show on their choice: dance, music, or even a play. We also had a judge of 5 people to grade performances. These people were not the only ones to decide who wins the night, though. There was going to be a public voting, that anyone can participate.

So I wrote a Perl script for the party. We picked an event keyword starting with a # character, and listened Twitter for tweets including that word. Then, we had different keywords for each team…

My Attempt at CPAN PR Challenge for 01/2015

When I was reading through Perl Weekly newsletter the other day, I realized that there is a challenge named 'CPAN Pull Request Challenge'. Everyone was invited to join, and I decided to give it a go. It was organized by Neil Bowers, who explained the details right here.

The idea was simple: For each month in 2015, each participant will be assigned a CPAN module. Then they will be asked to contribute to the code. Be it improving documentation, writing mo…