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A recap for CPAN day

I uploaded my 20th distribution to CPAN yesterday, a little bit premature of CPAN day but that doesn't matter. It will require an update since odd things are happening in the tests, so there will be a release today. The module is Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ::PP, a pure perl version of Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ.

I didn't write the module but when updating various libs and our version of perl here i noticed it had found its way into our stack and when cpanm didn't find the distriā€¦

Migrating from Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2 to OpenAPI

Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI is close to being stable so i figured it was time to migrate from our use of Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2. Here's the differences i found, with the observation that perhaps some of these were down to having an older version of Swagger2 (0.79, although Changes log suggests that might not be the case):

  • M::P::OpenAPI will, by default, validate response data. So you might find your swagger config and responseā€¦

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