A recap for CPAN day

I uploaded my 20th distribution to CPAN yesterday, a little bit premature of CPAN day but that doesn't matter. It will require an update since odd things are happening in the tests, so there will be a release today. The module is Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ::PP, a pure perl version of Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ.

I didn't write the module but when updating various libs and our version of perl here i noticed it had found its way into our stack and when cpanm didn't find the distribution i had to go hunting. It turned out the module existed on github but never made it to CPAN, so how it got into our stack i don't know.

Anyway, i volunteered to take over maintenance and get it on CPAN since it may be of use to someone else. We've been using it without problem for around two years so it "works" for certain values of "works". No doubt there are gaps/bugs in functionality but, as always, pull requests welcome. The distribution is difficult to test fully with cpantesters as it requires a local instance of rabbitmq, and i'm not inclined to add any emulation or monkeypatching; fortunately travis CI offers rabbitmq as part of their service so it's trivial to test there.

I thought i'd take CPAN day as an opportunity to recap my uploads to CPAN:

  • Mojolicious::Plugin::NYTProf, April 2014. My first upload to CPAN, about ten years after my first introduction to perl
  • 10: number of modules that i'm the original author of
  • 8: number of modules i've inherited (through the PRC or other reasons)
  • 2: number of modules that are forks of others to fix bugs due to the author(s) being MIA
  • 1: number of modules in the Acme:: namespace

Not much, but it gives me a steady stream of issues/pull requests.

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Congratulations, and happy belated CPAN Day!

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