Perl Trademark In Japan

As some of you may have heard, Perl had been registered as a trademark by somebody other than TPF or any Perl related entity. Last year as soon as we realized that this had been done, we contacted some lawyers and TPF, and immediately filed a complaint.

We had been told that this whole process would take about a year, and finally I'm happy to announce that this decision has been reversed, and the above mentioned trademark has been revoked (I'm not a lawyer type, so excuse me if my words of choice there are not technically correct).

This was a joint effort by Japan Perl Association and Yet Another Society/The Perl Foundation, with a little bit of help by a hacker who shall remain anonymous, just in case. I'm happy that we were able to work this through.

That leaves the actual petition by TPF/YAS for the true trademark for Perl in Japan, but that's a whole different story. For now, I'm happy we're free to use Perl without worry.


Great News.
And full credits for your efforts :)

Excellent news, thanks to all involved.

Thanks to all involved for taking care of this important issue!

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