A Lookback of YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013

Here's a brief look-back of YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013 using the official photo set, hosted by 30 Days Album. All the talk slides (at least the ones that the speakers uploaded) are available on our site, along with videos from each talk. The videos can also be checked out from our Youtube page

Also, if you find this interesting, you might want to read Miyagawa's blog post about it, too

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013: Fighting Legacy Code

Due to popular demand, I'm going to post a summary/transcript of my presentation for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013, titled "Fighting Legacy Code". It's also the presentation that I would've given if I didn't cancel my attendance for YAPC::NA Austin 2013.

Because I wrote all this in a rush, the language is very terse. Please let me know on twitter (@lestrrat) if somethings don't make sense.

You could also take a look at my Japanese slides while reading through this. You may get a little more feel for what I'm writing about.

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013 is over

So I just came back from the staff after party. I'm exhausted. So I'll only write the important stuff:

  • This year, we had 1,131 attendees (ticket sales, invited guests, speakers, staff) I'm pretty sure this is THE BIGGEST YAPC EVAH
  • Talks on 4-tracks
  • We provided Wi-Fi to all the attendees via custom built network, and we saturated a 100Mbps line when our attendees started downloading iOS7 simultaneously
  • This is the LAST YAPC::Asia Tokyo that 941-san, and myself will do. There are no plans to host another YAPC::Asia Tokyo next yea…

PerlMotion - Perl For iOS

While it's still just started, goccy, a Japanese hacker who has been working on rather cool modules, has been working on PerlMotion, which allows you to write iOS apps in Perl.

I'm not an iOS guy so I haven't delved too deep into it, but other than the fact that it could use a bit more packaging love, I head that so…

Visualizing YAPC::Asia with HRForecast

This year we're using HRForecast to keep track of ticket sales and talk submissions for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013, and it's looking good. I highly recommend you using these tools to visualize your data