YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 Best Walk Awards!

Since YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2010, we have been hosting voting on "Best Talk Award" for talks that go on YAPC::Asia Tokyo. We are also giving away prizes for the winners of these awards -- for 2010, we gave a Macbook Pro with all the bells and whistles, and last year we gave a dandy ergonomic chair.

So we were thinking what to do this year... and here's what we got: We're going to give the winner a trip to YAPC::NA or YAPC::EU. Runner-up prize will be trips to local PM meetups in Japan.

This award was originally created in hopes that giving talks at YAPC::Asia Tokyo will also also be rewarding for the attendees, and also to give them some incentive to learn more, to do more. We believe that giving them a chance to attend these conferences will be an extremely cool opportunity to mingle with people who otherwise they may never meet in person, and to feel what it's like in other conferences.

Of course, we are assuming that a Japanese local would get the award, but if somebody living abroad gets this award, we'll try to arrange something. Do visit us if you're interested!

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I honestly think this prize would be wasted on a speaker who's coming from the US or Europe.

It's a great way to encourage the Asian Perl community to form closer bonds with the the American and European Perl communities.

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