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YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 is over

Here's my closing talk slides.

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 was great. All the guest speakers were great. Tim Bunce, Adam Kennedy, Ingy dot Net, Larry. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The official attendee count (based on ticket sales) was 743. If you added the speakers, it was 798, and if you added the staff, it was 841. At any given moment there were about 400 ~ 600 people in the venue. There were some no-shows too, but we haven't counted it. Than…

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 Day 2

Whoa, it's already 9/29, which is Day 2 for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012.

This year's YAPC is going extremely well. I don't know, as an organizer I'm finding myself not having to hassle much. Something tells me we've passed a glass ceiling of sorts: I think we've reached the point where our reputation and our brand recognition is enough for the event to take life on its own. The speakers roll the show. The hallway tracks bring up the excitement. The attendees are finding more ways to enjoy the show.

I'm just going from room to room where the sp…

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 Day -1

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 is almost upon us!

Tomorrow, 9/27, is Day 0, where we will hear a few talks and have some snacks and socialize. Doors open at 17:30. Anyone with a ticket can attend this event. See the timetable here.

9/28 is Day 1. This is when YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 really starts! Doors open at 9:00, and goes all the way until 19:00. Free dinner is available starting at 19:00, at the area right next to the main hall. …

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