YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 Day 2

Whoa, it's already 9/29, which is Day 2 for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012.

This year's YAPC is going extremely well. I don't know, as an organizer I'm finding myself not having to hassle much. Something tells me we've passed a glass ceiling of sorts: I think we've reached the point where our reputation and our brand recognition is enough for the event to take life on its own. The speakers roll the show. The hallway tracks bring up the excitement. The attendees are finding more ways to enjoy the show.

I'm just going from room to room where the speakers non-Japanese, translating questions/answers, taking care of extra, unforeseen costs, checking out on our guests from abroad, and organizing the lightning talks - which may sound like a lot, but compared to previous years that I have been involved in this event, is a lot less stressful stuff.

I think that with only the minimal effort, YAPC::Asia Tokyo (or wherever in Japan) will probably be able to stand on its own.

Miyagawa took the boat off in 2006. It was beautiful, but it was still a frail boat that could quite easily be lost if it found its way against some bad weather.

Kushii-san (my partner in crime and the mastermind behind the last 3 YAPC::Asia's) and I kept the spirit but practically tore that boat apart, rebuilt it, made it into a real ship that can sail across the stormy oceans while carrying hundreds of people in it in the last 4 years.

It's a great pleasure to see the vessel that we nurtured to take a life on its own.

Hopefully it will keep evolving. I don't know if it's going to be bigger, or any different. But I think it's ready to take on just about anything, with just the minimal required effort.

Anyway, 9 more hours of pure geeky-ness to go this year. I hope that any non-Japanese participants reading this entry have enjoyed Day 1, and that you also enjoy today's show even more.


The website doesn’t mention anything about socials or meetups (although, my Japanese is spotty at best). Is it a lot less of a social occasion over there, unlike YAPC Europe?

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