What is Kephra about?

Someone responded to my first post and asked a question: How differs Kephra from Padre?

In many ways:
* Kephra has much less dependencies (Wx and config parser)
* different feature set
* much older project
* smaller dev team (currently)

of course we stay upon the same core technologies but we have different goals i think. So far I understand Padre, they have the known IDE and larger editor (Ultraedit and Jedit and ...) in mind and want to slowly grow into that direction. And thats good for Perl, but thats not desirable to me. I started Kephra to make things differently then I saw it around. And the editors I've seen didn't provide the degree of freedom I needed to make the changes I wanted there. So you need to build a new "platform". Yes I was only one but brave. Today we have an editor with the

* syntax and brace highlighters
* code folding
* output panel, notepad where you can eval expressions
* sessions
* find in files
* templates
* very customizable (any menu and toolbar too)
* autoindent, auto EOL, auther automatisations
* file history, mmuch of the stuff you expect
* goto last edit, selection move and some others unexpected stuff
* stuff i need like entety converter and so on

buts its not about features. really. I mean yes i want to stay usabel and the stuff you simply need and expect are more important then the fance stuff, bug fixes even mor so, but Kephra is about uniqueness. The logo we currently develope is much more then an animal or rotated logo of MorphOS, is symbolizes an idea, that is very similar to Perl:

Freedom, use it as you feel it should. a for that i have some ideas I wish to implement. There are lot things possible you never seen in any editor. to explore that and to be able to customize every bit and keep everything tight and cleaned up is the goal.

There is currently one issue under linux holding us back to release Kephra 0.4.3. See it soon.

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