Color Evolution

The most requested feature of the Cellgraph is now in operation: Colors.

I added one panel with all the options and functions to control them. It is a little complex, but well documented (see here). In short you can load and save from and to the config file single colors and color sets under special names. And then you have direct access to the gradient and the complimentary function of Graphics::Toolkit::Color. Reverting to the default grayscale is always possible with an push on a button.

Automatic Art

After the Harmonograph (which got in the meantime greatly extended), I got another tool for you to create art with - the Cellgraph:


Kephra: goto (last) edit

Welcome to my musings: how editing should be (aimed to all users of an editor as food for thought). After select all I will today choose as feature of the day: goto edit (Strg+E) by which I mean jump to the location where you did the last change to the document. In latest version 0.404 I even extended the feature to make it more productive.

Kephra: Select All

To continue my previous post about Kephra, please let me ramble about just one seemingly little feature. It is interesting in its own right - but also an example for the design principles I employ:

1. max productivity

2. max consistency (less to memorize)

3. breaking habits and customs only when 1 and 2 demand it.

As soon graphics plays a greater role I will add max beauty as new 2.

Return of Kephra

Juhuu, released Kephra 0.401 in the spirit release early - release often. It is the start of a complete rewrite. So it's back to zero: now it can only edit one file at a time and has only Perl highlighting and UTF-8 or ASCII encoding. But some of you will still want to use it (beside vi, emacs, VStudio or atom - I know) because of the comfort in basic editing it provides. The following article explains what I mean by that.