Kephra under Linux

Because of technical problems I was stuck to xp but recently using more and more my ubuntu boot partition. That was the main reason it was not on top of my priority list to to fix the remaining problems Kephra had. But finally, is the first version that installs like a breeze. Of course its a dev release but a stable/testing release will come soon (1 blocker left).

But when you run Kephra, you will get a bag of GTK errors. That's not because i can't code. It's because i was too quick. I thought of features that in the end GTK considers as bugs. So i will rethink the autogenerated menu builder - event table - bridge. I have to do it anyway to speed up the pop velocitiy of the main menu under windows and to finalize some parts of the upcoming plugin API. But for now you can safely ignore the warnings, they're harmless. It should be also work for mac, but it's not tested, yet. (any volunteers? :) )

And in case you're curious what I will talk about in Pisa: It will be a complete vapourware talk. honestly, nearly all I will talking about is not implemented yet. But that's allright. Because during the last months I did almost boring stuff. The code is very boring and the result is boring in the sense that it now just works as expected. That's because my stay useful, fix bugs first policy. But the reason I created Kephra was in part to get the usability I seem to get nowhere. That's is interesting, that's exciting. But like said, today Kephra show this only in some details.

What are these details? for instance search. We have a nice collection of search options, find and replace function. But the best is: you could use them via the dialog, via the search bar (as much as possible), the menu but the fastest way is still via keyboard. Yes you have full blown search and replace capabilities via keyboard. and the bindings are designed in a way that it's very fast. There will soon be yet another possibility. (TIMTOWTDI). A input line where you can send vi like commands to the editor. That's one of the future extensions I will talk about. But also about the philosophy behind it. Like Timtoday there is a general understanding how life works, which can be condensed into the sentence no artificial borders or complexity. And Kephra is an attempt to create an editor that works in that way.

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