Kephra 0.4.4 on the verge

I fixed some nasty bugs lately and get these days ready for the next testrelease. Im happy that this release brings also some new features. And I don't mean new for Kephra, but literally unknown to many editors. and in this episode I will highlight just 2 of them.

I already mentioned, that if you select a text by holding the left mouse button and while its still pressed you push the right too, the text gets deleted (opposite of acme). Now i just seperate the direction you selected it. If its from left to right, its cuts, meaning remember in the clipboard. if you do it backwards, its not (function called clear.). In times you still have something in the clipboard, that might come very handy. I found this kind of editing very fast and I like it the more i use that.

when thinking about these things, I shurly want mouse gestures too and a multiple clipboard like jedit has it, plus a remembered clipboard history, but i cant do everything at once. plus before i will think about that i will make that commands on click combination customizable.

The other thing is an expansion feature for the good ol notepad. you know since 0.4 you can open with f12 (previously f4) a text area where you can just leave some text that is after restart still there. but i spoke with renee and he said: I need a notepad per document. So I thought about that for a whileand wanted it make customizable too but it got pretty complicated, so lets make it simpler. You just have both in one panel and if you dont like to have one of them just move the splitter bar there once and you can reopen I anytime. It recognizes your choice and anytime you press F12 it jumps to that notepad or if you need both, it toggles. And if you press shift+F12 it pasts the selection in the choosen notpad. But what if you want it in the other one? then use alt+shift+F12 since it is the ALTernative.

Nice bonus about the local notepad: the content is part of the session data. So its restored from a session file and also restored when opening the file from history menu.


Finding it really weird that you don't post a link to Kephra's homepage anywhere through the post.

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