Grantreport - Perl 6 Tablets - third week

Remember what I wrote in my first 2 reports? "tablet 2 is finished." And I still had to add something. And also the Perl 6 trends doubled in size since i first wrote: ready !! :) If you really wonder what Perl 6 is about here you have all the thoughtwork in a few lines.

The index has now 577 entries (many rewritten). contextualizer table overhauled and
Tablet 3
is nearly half ready. But much more important: all the usable parts are now up to date. It was all in all 70-80 edits which start to annoy the #perl6 people. #sorear++ was so kind to add the wiki URL to what dalek (a #perl 6 chatbot) watches. This makes all my changes visible to the core people and lurkers. Not to collect karma (buddha says also good karma binds you - freedom means no karma) but to integrate and maybe raise awareness so that maybe other contribute. After all we need good docs that are easy to read and navigate. it would help much more when daleks messages would report what I currently changed, but since socialwiki doesnt do good difs nor support change subjects for the author to fill in, we have an semioptimal solution. i want to have this wiki updated/replaced anyway. any help ???

im really proud of...

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