Grantreport - Perl 6 Tablets - 4th week

in short: Tablet 3 is half ready, still added chapter to language design and trends, cleaned and added some corners in the index (now 594 entries) and tables.

You don't write Perl 6 documentation like a story. Not only i can't make it up freely but its also almost impossible to know all details in that time. So you write about the bits you are shure you know. Thatswhy i also layed out the structure for the tablets 4-6, even if there is almost no content. This way I sort the thought in my head and can link to proper spots now. The magnitude of links is a serious part of the work but it will make it much more usefull.

For shure, I'm reading the synopses, but also ask the friendly people in #perl 6 like moritz++, jnthn+, TimT.++, which helping me greatly. Even Damian supported with his OSCON talk the tablets, by making me think about some corner cases of the language I not heard of so far like the .push method of hashes, which you need if you really want to invert hashes or .key of array which gives you all indices.

In this speed i will still need several month but visible parts will now appear faster since I build up a routine, kicked out most fossils and have a clear plan for the tablets 3-6. Sorry but tablet 2 has come later.

And BTW last weekend, in frankfurt: the small workshop was great and my talk about context and operators in Perl 6 was well received. No slides because I really planned it in my had and just used pencil on a flipchart and my imagination. And loved it.

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