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State of the Documentation

The Perl 5 tutorial for freiesMagazin (the first and hardest part) is complete and I'm very happy about it (read it in the next month issue). It was a great teamwork and all who read it so far, like it very much. The result will reside in the wiki of perlcommunity.de (link later when arrived there), so it can be further expanded/improved/updated and can help a lot people more. Because its the most visited Perl forum in German and thanks to tinita++ we have there banners that link to different important pages in the wiki which gets 20 times more visited…

the "everything is a file" metaphor

Frankly I never got it until recently. Sure, I had some informal contacts with plan 9, the OS that is entirely designed around that concept. First when Linus talked about the features he borrowed for Linux, later I borrowed myself features from Plan 9's editor acme for Kephra. But yesterday I saw a talk from the author of MacFuse and I really got a hang of it.

And suddenly I realized the implications for a better Kephra that I currently design. When it read and writes FIles it should have hooks to do whatever (aka *). Not only …

Kephra Rewrite called xp

I just started a huge and deep rewrite of what I believe is the most useful editor overall. So why throw it away? (most imortant point is at EOF)

First it will still be maintained, a new version just came out today and i still will fix some remaining issues and even add some features. I will do so, till it can be fully replaced.

On the other side some issues are not that easy to fix, in modules with hairy dependencies, you know what I'm writing about. In fact, I have to write some test app eather way to toy wi…

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