Kephra Rewrite called xp

I just started a huge and deep rewrite of what I believe is the most useful editor overall. So why throw it away? (most imortant point is at EOF)

First it will still be maintained, a new version just came out today and i still will fix some remaining issues and even add some features. I will do so, till it can be fully replaced.

On the other side some issues are not that easy to fix, in modules with hairy dependencies, you know what I'm writing about. In fact, I have to write some test app eather way to toy with some solutions. So this rewrite comes with not much overhead over things was planing to do for some time.

Yes I did also other stuff and will do so furthermore: for the wxperl articles, wx modules i did and plan, the toy apps, the book that are all connected projects. From all this experiences I think I have now a much clearer understanding what I want and how to achieve it. Also my xp from 3-4 Kephra rewrites shows me what seems to work best.

But why bother at all? because i still think something like Kephra would be missing. A small compact but poweful and so flexible that feels like you have designed it.

the hg rep is and hg and dvcs is my last topic for today. ok its written in python but has saner API and better name for more reasons why and how to cope with a hg rep via git and vice versa please visit my talk at YAPC::EU in Riga. :) (maybe i post here later about that)

But the most important thing is, I don't believe in the plugin structure that pushes to much out of the core like other famous perl editors do (but there is/will be a plugin API). JEdit did the same way, drove it to the max and i dind't like the result. And IMO its just a side effect of bad tools anyway. with today hg or git or bazaar, arch svk.. you can fork and merge much more easily so you dont have to decouple the developement archives so striclty. you can easier keep it in one repo, force a minimum of comunication and as a result the GUI parts play much more beautifully together and the app in is much more enjoyable to use. shure there has to be some decent decoupling but that you have to do from module to module anyway if youre a good programmer. I have the feeling slowly to become one. Tie::Wx::Widget was a small first step.

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