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The Kephra rewrite is doing very well, expect some great revelations even for Wx programming in genereal. But today i just want to rant about bibucket, which hosts my hg repo for most of my projects. I mean i like mercurial better then git, or should I say liked. the more I learn about the raw awesome power of git the more I find it perlish. But surprisingly what bit me just today is that bitbucket doesn't have this nice graphs. I just underestimated how motivating they can be.


With apologies to Larry, the biggest reason for git/GitHub is the fork/pull-request model of contribution. The patch-email model is hard enough to prevent casual contribution. The reason that git allows this model is its amazing ability to merge, usually seemlessly. The GitHub interface to doing this automatically is extra-special sugar. While I have no experience with hg and only a little on bzr, I highly recommend trying out git/GitHub for your next small project, just to try it out!

Hm, although I never find the graphs to be that important for motivation, I can understand. You could always still use hg + bitbucket, and mirror your repos on github.

Meh. This is totally doable with Chart::Clicker. I'll hack something up this afternoon on the train.

Will be looking forward to a clickable demo :)

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