Silent Night for KephraXP

Yes there are still some (hard to find) bugs, but Kephra, the most curious and perlish editor had a small and silent breakthrough. The new (complete) rewrite is now self hosting and will be from now on used to program Kephra in itself.

One of the next features will be something I find very interesting: Multiple views - something Kephra as other editor written in Perl never head. The prototype already opens with 2 views on the same doc. But what I like to follow will be full control of up to 4 views and easy play with their amount, layout, ordering with and without the mouse and without eating too much key bindings away. I mean people are used emacs and vi where you have ofter several tiles and until we cant provide that too I don't think I can win over too many.

Another area of current development is my layout helper class which will be later a separate module, helping programmer to make GUI with less keystrokes. The ideal testing field for that is the already started config dialog - something old also Kephra never had. There are a plenty pages needed to be styled, that can change quite often.

If you want to play with Kephra just pull from hg repo (link above). No fency dependencies beyond Wx, YAML, Moo and File::UserConfig. More news will follow and my head is so full of ideas.


Tried installing and got test failures:

Also note that there are missing test files:

Warning: the following files are missing in your kit:

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