Why I joined Propaganda.pm

4 reasons:

1: Right man.I was there when it started. At German Perl Workshop this march in Berlin Richard ignited with his inofficial keynote a lot of controversy. All what said wasn't new or IMO just opinion or chatter/not relevant. Later I spoke with him @ the social meeting in the computer game museum. (seriously, is there a better place for such an event?)

During our conversation I found out: he listens to people, he really loves Perl and he's the right kind of Person to do that, with the right experience set. Even if I don't share some of his fews/considerations what is important.

2: Catch the young (in spirit). Sure nobody like to be agitated or fed some PR bullshit (at least to realize the damns lies afterwards). So why we do that to others and our self. Because we need to reach out to the youngsters who are not experienced enough to see through the stupid badmouthing about Perl (as stated by allison too). Its about giving people who would lovingly join Perl community that chance - nothing else (as far as I am concerned).

3. Better Docs. Is I'm in the business of writing Articles, Wiki, Docs for Perl I see here a lot of improvement possible, because i see here more people than in any other doc effort i joined and having good docs and onramps for newbs and pros is an important part of an good image of Perl in the net and thatswhy also a concern of Pr.pm. We plan also to translate good free boogs such as modern perl and the camel (yes, you pay O'Reilly for the paper).

4. Turn the tide. Frankly, I love mst BUT dont share his notion: "be glad were not in the hype anymore". I mean right but I'm also a bit done with justifying my preference for Perl. I mean so stubborn that i will not get annoyed, but wouldn't it be nice if that just stops and Perl is recognized as one of most interesting languages (for some purposes). It's possible. Lets do it.

P.S. I'm in Bicycle.pm because I like Thomas too. :)


You forgot to actually link to the site :)

BTW, I just found out that there are non-locally-oriented perlmongers groups like these. Cool.

I am slightly interested in it too, but the lack of an IRC channel means that there's very little chance of useful communication for me.

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