How to load a Wx::Bitmap from a Variable

You know the good feeling when you find a solution for a problem after it hounted you many months or even years. I had such a moment today when i finally found (with the help of the excellent Mark Dootson++ of course ) a way to load icons from a set a data and not from a file. Now I can have a complete set of default configs inside a Module so Kephra can boot fully featured no matter what. Yes the Kephra rewrite is alive. I just reorganized the branches and the development model. It runs now under mac and we have full (more?) utf safety. The internal models are still in flux and I plan to drop Moo. Next stop will be the creation of a customized status bar that will be able to have coloured always right aligned labels, icons, fitting context menu and more. Like I always wanted it to be. A new dawn :).

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