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Disclaimer: the docs things starts at paragraph 3.

Within 2 Weeks I was in Kiev and St. Augustin, giving 6 instances of 3 talks. My minireport on Kiev got published (in German) but there is a lot more to say of course. In Kiev Wendy talked me into the frogcon (the frog is the official logo because if you add an H ...) thing. And it was the best Perl booth/dev room we had ever there and i had a nice kinda YAPC after party, which sparked some thought what could be improved for the Perl world.

The tricky thing with YAPC's is that once you feel like a part of it they are very cozy and time just flies by. You had to see him and him and her and as soon you had the feeling all the familiar faces are still there, its almost over. If you even there for the full fun and are giving talks, than it is over. And after writing resumes to barbie and some other things I stumbled over an Idea I had for some times.

It started 2 or 3 Years ago, when the German Perl Workshop finally came to its long overdue transition period and we brainstormed how to improve things. Because I live in the woods i thought I could contribute by aiding the speakers to make better slides and more interesting talks. And let's be honest that service would improve the YAPC too.

But let's be careful since on the one side we want to be lazy, just meet our peers without ties and speak about what is important to ourselves. On the other hand we would like to hear more damian/mjd grade talks and improve our own skills.

So why don't we create a maillist/IRC channel/website, propaganda chapter/ whatever to help the willing. With a little bit of aid mane of the talks could be turned into documentation, wiki pages or articles. That is what renee needs to launch the English Perl magazine. I do a lot of articles, docs and other stuff and see the flow of ideas and material back and forth. If we makes an continuous community effort out of it, we benefit in several ways.

Sure the higher standard of knowledge and education, but it would have also a huge radiation power to the outside world when in mixed conferences like FOSDEM or OSCON the Perl guys are mostly the funniest, best prepared and most insightful, if we have the better docs, if we have a magazin which talks with its cover to the world: here perl is active. Its also an breeding pot for the next gen of book authors that we than can self publish but still get better quality than all the rather smushed together ebooks about Perl i wrote recensions so far (just ebook only stuff).

Please think about it and write me. The name above is my CPAN ID.
Thanks for reading.

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