more thoughts on GCL

After the first burst of rants ähem layout of my cody GUI DSL I call in lack for a catchy bling name : GCL there are still some important holes to fill. Because the issue is not only to save you from boilerplate, but also saving you from mistakes and bad quality layout.

This includes knowledge of option you maybe didn't had but would make your app nicer. Like an instant help text in a bubble while you hover over the widget for a longer time or in the status bar. Another topic is navigation via keyboard. I'm pretty big on that because it helps me to do my inputs fast, but some apps fail on that. And its cumbersome to do it right. What if the the Wx::Perl::Smart::Frame, which knows the layout of your app anyway, connects the neighbours in a sane default so you can switch between buttons and stuff like that with direction keys and between text inputs and alike with tab. I mean it's already doable but you have write some code, set right constants and if you change the layout there is lot be changed again. Or just having a handy method that is a global on/off switch for help messages, which you don't have to code.

But the quick help thing is at least in part a job for the W::P::Smart::WidgetFactory so I should switch to named parameters, because of already a lot of optional stuff is going on. It would also be a nice visual distinction to plain Wx(Perl) code. So next iteration on bitbucket will come with a lot of refinements but it will hit CPAN not until there is a somewhat stable API.

thanks for reading.

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