Kephra, GCL, Tablets, state of my Perl projects Part 1

Cheerio, in case you missed me, started to study again (compunter science and music) so had almost none time for Perl. Even worse, I was forced to learn and write Java. My complaint on international human rights court is pending. But now are holidays, time to prepare exams and .. to reflect about my open source activities.

Kephra isn't dead. It became a software engineering research project to me. As my interests shifted I became more and more aware whats wrong with agile, XP, V-Model and all these buzzwords. I spoke about it at YAPC in Kiev and will in Hannover at GPW in March. The talk are name after my method: complete programming. Now I have even software engineering at university and can compare it with a lot more literature. Its about bringing sanity as well as fresh ideas into software making. The basic idea is here to stop all the conflicts of this battlefield by seeing that each part (docs, modules, code, tests, management, outline, artwork, etc.) has its place and should be done at the right time by the right people. Oh and that btw honesty is the number one productivity booster :). More about that later.

To rewrite Kephra into the editor I want - the time is not ripe yet. Perl 6 is still infant, Parrot has issues and frankly scintilla is not the component i would need to provide all features i would like. Frankly I wait for a better component to come. Just as one example: the undo functionality. There is a ton to be improved on that field. I want to have unlimited undo. Which means I want to go back before i even started program. I want better, smarter, smoother navigation and if I undo and do a change full history should be still reachable. and i want to have a simple way to look at my undo history grab a bunch of changes and make it as one commit and more integration like that. That's all not doable because undo is a black box in Scintilla. Have to do it all on my own. But there are several issues like that. So i decided to go about it slowly, always having a small but usable editor that has the right abstractions to grow into such features.

Alright, the other thing is GCL and tablets which i will cover in m next post.

There will be new versions with new features and I use it as my first editor. But

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