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Cheers Perl community - I'm not dead :), no currently I partially study music and delve into instruments, - more precisely I'm building synthesizers with NI Reaktor.

Why this is relevant to Perl, because of my mission to make Perl a language, in which it is easy and fun to make GUI apps. That's why like Wx::Perl::Smart I spoke about at last German Perl Workshop in Hannover and some other projects.

For that Reaktor was an inspiration because it is a sorta programming environment, even its not Turing complete. And you do it completely by pointing and clicking, sitting modules and wiring them. In some modules you can get into my double click and the wires that go in and out are you so to speak signature beside there are only 2 data types: audio and event. But what was challenging GUI-wise that you actually have very few elements, but they do a lot. The whole thing looks from the perspective of data. So for instance a fader and a knob have an signal (event) output of what we would call a float so they are in Reaktor the same element, only with several visual modes. And you can skin them with a bitmap so you can with this one feature achieve visually much more than with graphical toolkits that are much less minimalistic.

Another principle is that groups get automatically a border but that feature we already have in some sort in Wx::Perl::Smart::Sizer.

I think seeing that principle in action made me think and will leave its footprint on Wx::Perl::Smart.


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