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Since the Perl Magazine sadly had to close i didn't wrote as many Perl articles anymore. Because I miss it sometimes I recently agreed to write for DZone. Its a Java- centric site with many light weight pieces. I read it myself, since you can find interesting stuff here and there.

But why I'm writing this here? In order to publish, it has to be transported from your blog. And since I don't own another blog and the Perl 6, Perl 5 and software engineering stuff I want to write about fits here nicely : I will use this blog as transport. for that purpose. So please don't wonder if some of my next text are here sound like I assume you never heard about Perl. If the entry is marked with the category DZone you know why.

But there is also another reason why I use this Blog. Since I will be a kind of press secretary for Perl in that area, I actually want to be controlled and corrected by you and also encourage you to engage in the discussions below these articles on DZone (link will be provided in comments), to make Perl more visible to outside world.


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I hope you have success promoting Perl in DZone. I usually read it, and it's great. Good luck!

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