Using Stratopan Beta

This morning, an innocent message landed in my mailbox:

[Stratopan] The Beta Is Here

Usually, advertisements go directly to .. "you-know-where", but this one was highly appreciated!

(Read on for what I did. With screenshots! :-)

Mop for Beginners

Here are some comments on the mop-redux regarding situations in which Perl OO (code) is thought to newcomers or to outsiders. Such situations could be explaining code to an non-Perl colleague at work for a holiday substitution or a Perl class in high school.

Tomato Plant vs. Nuclear Plant

With great interest I read When "unsafety" is a Good Thing and brood over Gabor's comment regarding "inconvenience vs. danger".

In my job, I have done a fair amount of coding these days. Mostly smaller tasks, you know, the sort of problem you just not so easily solve with Excel. I did some gardening, so to speak..

Regexp::Debugger saved me twice today

I just wanted to say that if you stumble with a regex try Regexp::Debugger.
It saved me twice today facing problems too silly to describe here. :-)

Here is how I proceeded:
- write regex and see it not doing what I want
- think, rewrite, think again, rising anger
- insert Regexp::Debugger the line before regex
- play the regex, facepalm (in a positive way)

I now think about writing more complicated regexes. I want to enjoy the debugger even longer. ;-)

German Perl Workshop: My Day 3

Again a lovely bike ride to the venue, this time with some air pressure trouble in the front wheel. Then a great day with talks, chatting and again excellent food.

And then it was already over.


Thank you Wendy for the photo.

And thank you sponsors.

See you in Bern next week,