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Next grant application process starting in March

Due to our internal reasons, the Grants Committee did not call for application in the 2013 Q4 round.

Now we are back in business; we will call for grant proposals in early March. The deadline will be two weeks after the CFP is open. The exact date will be announced at news.perlfoundation.org.

The Grants Committee members are working hard to improve the process. It'll be one of the improvements to increase the CFP frequency from quarterly to every two months.

New blog. New role.

TPF (The Perl Foundation) announced the new Secretary of the Grants Committee. It's me.

Some of you may not know what TPF does. It may not be well known that TPF grants money for Perl development.

Here in this blog, I would like to add a bit of transparency on what the committee does, answer questions and have feedback from the community.

While it's my blog as the Secretary, the Grants Committee's official communication channel continues to be ="http://news.perlfoundation.o…

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