At Perl Station

So I visited Perl. More pictures to follow.

Perl train station at night


Perl train station during daytime

From the distance. Right Germany, Left Luxembourg, Behind France


German Perl Workshop

I am just back from German Perl Workshop. The workshop is held every year and I finally had a chance to visit it!

I had these reasons to go:

  • Meet Perl hackers and community members who I have known online for years
  • Talk about TPF
  • Visit Perl, a small town in Germany

I'd like to express my gratitude for the organizers who worked hard to make it happen. They had to change the venue with a short notice and train track repair impacted the transportation but the organizers did a fantastic job.

My talk went well and the material is a…

Barcelona Perl Mongers Meetup!

I had the honor to give a talk at Meetup. Perl community rocks as everybody knows; my new friends welcomed me and my family. We felt home, learned new things, enjoyed the nice dinner and it became the most memorable night in Barcelona.

I can't wait to visit Barcelona Perl Workshop.

Slides will be posted once I clean them up.


See you at!

I got a fantastic opportunity to give a talk at meetup in August. I'll speak about The Perl Foundation, focusing on grants and donations. For those who love technical talks as much as I do, there will be three more interesting talks by other Perl Mongers.

I started learning Spanish using Lingua::ES::Numeros. Uno, dos, tres. ¡Buenas tardes a todos!

September grant round started

We have five proposals to review, including the one from July.