Thank you for all public comments

In this round, The Grants Committee has received four grant proposals (list).

Since we posted them in public, we have received a number of public comments. At this point, here is the number of comments at the TPF site:

  • 6: Automated generation of DWIM Perl
  • 9: Perl::Lint - Yet Another Static Analyzer for Perl5
  • 12: RPerl Test Suite Upgrade & Module::Compile Integration
  • 10: JERL (Alien::Jerl) Perl5 running in the JVM

This includes the comments from the applicants.

The number of comments is one way to measure feedback but quality of the comments is more important. And most comments, if not all, were constructive and in great quality.

Thank you for those who spent time to give feedback.

We will conclude the voting process in one week.

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