Grant votes: New announcement format

The Grants Committee has completed the first round of this year. It was my first one as the committee Secretary too. I learned a number of lessons but overall it was smooth thanks to the help from the committee and the community.

As you may have noticed, we have disclosed the voting results in a more detailed way. The motivation is to add more transparency in the process. I hope this will add clarity on what we want to support and what we don't want to use the community resources on.

The voting result of this round consists of the two factors:

  • The number of Yes/No votes
  • The total score given to Yes votes

For each grant proposal, the committee members are required to say:

  • Yes, No, or Abstain
  • Score from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) if they vote Yes

Here is the actual statement from our rules:

Each individual vote shall be a No, a 0 for abstain, or 1 through 5 for a Yes.
The grants which have more Yes votes than No votes shall be ranked according to the sum of the votes.
Accordingly with the available funds, the Grants Committee will agree on how many of the approved proposals to fund.

The total score is relevant to the decision only when there are more Yes's than No's. And if we had too much cash, the score would be irrelevant too (You can support TPF via your preferred ways including Amazon smile).

While we have 11 voting members, the number of Yes/No votes does not always match 11 due to abstentions and restriction on the Secretary's voting.

It is just a start and your suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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