Grants Committee May Schedule

May round schedule will be similar to the March round, with several changes as below.

  • Longer period to solicit community feedback
  • Longer voting period
  • Shorter CFP period

In the long run, CFP period should be shortened further as every round will look the same and preparation can be done beforehand. Or even easier, we may always keep the CFP open and evaluate the applications every two months.

Here is the May schedule:

  • May 1: CFP opens
  • May 10: CFP closes
  • May 11: Solicit public feedback
  • May 22: Voting
  • May 31: Announcement of the results

CFP will be posted at


Seems like leaving the CFP open would maximize the potential for applicants. Say I'm sitting here on Apr 1 and I think, "Ah! I have an idea for a grant application!", now I've got to wait until May 1 to submit it? Even if I prepare the proposal on Apr 1, a good number of things might happen before the CFP opens that would prevent me from submitting it within the required time frame.

Anyway, FWIW, I vote to just leave the CFP open and periodically remind people of it.

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