Perl Module Tools (pmtools) v2.2.0 Released - Many RT Fixes

Perl Module Tools (pmtools) v2.2.0 has been released (and updated on GitHub). The focus was on fixing RT bugs. The only outstanding RT issue will be 52851, which is a feature request for pmeth to also display a description for the method. This will require some contemplation to see if I can do this in a reasonably simple manner.

(I say "will be" because does not yet have 2.2.0 as a valid version number for pmtools.)

Perl Module Tools (pmtools) v2.1.2 Released - Version Fixed

Perl Module Tools v2.1.2 has now been released to fix the version number everywhere.

Perl Module Tools v2.1.0 Released - Windows Fixes

It turns out there are several tools in the Perl Module Tools (pmtools) that need to execute other commands with the current Perl specified, like:

system "ls -l " . `$^X -S $Bin/pmpath $module`;

(note the additional "$^X").

As a side note, in Windows you may need to "use FindBin qw($Bin);" so your programs can actually find the Perl to run. (I had wondered if this use of FindBin was just cargo-cult programming carried over from old versions of Perl - now I know better.)

Stupid Lucene Tricks: Full-Text Search Without the Full Text

This is a really stupid (and kludgy) Stupid Lucene Trick: how do you search the full text of your document + metadata without the full text? Simple - you create a separate field (call it fulltext, for example), then populate it with the text of all of your other fields. VoilĂ ! You can now search against "fulltext" for all of the text in your Lucene document without having to know whether, for example, "physical" is in the document body, the abstract, or only in the keywords.

Note that fulltext should be created dynamically from the fields for the particular document, rather than from a fixed set of named fields so you maximize the amount of text you can search against.

And yes, you are duplicating the text of the all of the other fields in this field :(.

Lunatics, Perl, and Java

So I don't forget this - my expanded version of something our Larry Wall once said:

"Looking at Perl code, it is easy to tell whether you are looking at the ravings of a lunatic. With Java, you can be several weeks into the project before you realize that you are dealing with the demented discourse of someone who should be trusted with nothing sharper than a spoon."