Stupid Lucene Tricks: Hierarchies

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You can search on hierarchies in Lucene if your hierarchy can be represented as a path enumeration (a Dewey-Decimal-like style of encoding a path, like "001.014.003" for the 3rd grandchild of the 14th child of the 1st branch).

For example, a search phrase like:


would return only the direct children of the 1st branch, while:


would return all descendants of the 1st branch.

To get only the children of a particular node, you specify only that node, like:


To get all of the descendants you specify everything that starts with that node:


To get only the descendants after the children (grandchildren, etc.), you specify:


2019-05-21: I haven't tried it, but it looks like you could do this right in Perl with the now-quiescent Apache Lucy loose port of Lucene.

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