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pmtools on GitHub

GitHub now holds a pmtools Git repository. Since I have some time right now to attend to pmtools (and other personal programming), I thought it would make my life easier to move my pmtools development into Git while making pmtools development more collaborative.

(Yes, I will accept pull requests, but I reserve the right to review all changes before making a formal release.)

Stupid Joomla Tricks: Using /images to get PHPUnit coverage results

If your website is powered by Joomla! but you want to display your PHPUnit HTML coverage results like the rest of the webpages, you can stick the coverage results in a subdirectory of images, like

I haven't tried it, but I expect this trick would work for other CMS-driven sites.

pmtools-1.20 (Perl Module Tools) Released

I've released pmtools-1.20 with these fixes:

  • pminst now only displays unique names.
  • pminst now ignores non-existent directories in @INC.
  • I added pmcheck, a utility to check whether Perl is set up for Perl modules. At the moment, pmcheck just reports problems with @INC (missing directories, etc.)
Thanks to Matthew Persico and Andrew Pam for their help with pminst.

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