pmtools-1.20 (Perl Module Tools) Released

I've released pmtools-1.20 with these fixes:

  • pminst now only displays unique names.
  • pminst now ignores non-existent directories in @INC.
  • I added pmcheck, a utility to check whether Perl is set up for Perl modules. At the moment, pmcheck just reports problems with @INC (missing directories, etc.)
Thanks to Matthew Persico and Andrew Pam for their help with pminst.



It would be cool to also share the code on a public repository such as Github, and add metadata to the distribution to advertise it.

I see that you have 2 Github accounts:
Which one do you use?
Could you link it to from your MetaCPAN profile page?

An URL in a README is useless as it can not be seriously processed by programs.
Please fix the metadata.

For your MetaCPAN profile issue, can't you just modify temporarly the e-mail address of your PAUSE account just for the time needed to register on MetaCPAN?

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