Perlmongers Conferences in the Time of Corona

I’m collecting different setups here. Other efforts are underway to organize a virtual conference. The setups listed below aim for smaller audiences with hopefully lower effort in setting things up.

I don’t discuss the other stuff needed for organizing a conference, like the social aspects (“hallway track”, “moderation”, “timekeeping”) or how people can forward questions from the chat to the speaker. The logistic aspects are mostly that outside of the “producer”, ideally nobody needs to install software beyond Chromium or another browser compatible enough with Jitsi to do video streaming.

GPW2020 - Keynote, accepted talks and extension of the submission deadline

We are really happy to announce that Curtis “Ovid” Poe will present a keynote at the 22nd Perl/Raku workshop in March in Erlangen!

Curtis runs Tau Station and is a long time contributor to the workshop.

The list of accepted talks has grown, with varied topics from “Progressing from Humans to Developers”, “A new Lisp, in Perl” and “Querying the Etherum Blockchain Nodes with Raku”. All accepted talks are listed here .

Since we still have some slots free for talks, we have extended the deadline for talk submission to the 3rd February 2020. If you have a topic you want to present, please submit your talk .

We’d also like to thank our sponsors for supporting the Perl and Raku community

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität -

United Domains - - Renée Bäcker -

genua GmbH -

dpunkt.verlag -

22nd German Perl Workshop 2020 in Erlangen from 4th to 6th March 2020

The German Perl Workshop is an Open Source conference for everyone, organized by community of the Perl Programming Language and its sister language Raku yearly in Germany. The 2020 edition will be from Wednesday, March 4th, 09:00 to Friday, March 6th, 16:00 in Erlangen.

Most of the talks will be held in German, German talks will have English slides at least. English talks are welcome as well.

The website already is open for talk submissions, so if you want to present something in addition to attending, please submit a proposal!

Perl 5 development has moved to Github

I didn't notice much public discussion, but in the last month, Perl 5 development has moved to Github. The logistics of the move were mostly handled by Todd Rinaldo although I'm sure there were other people helping.

The change involved moving the main development repository from to, moving the issues from to Github issues, renaming them in the process, and fixing the code that used the hostnames or URLs for decisions.

curl2lwp - convert Curl command line arguments to LWP / Mechanize Perl code

After inspiration by a comment on and some slight hacking, I'm very proud to announce HTTP::Request::FromCurl, together with its companion online site at The module and included curl2lwp program allow you to easily convert curl command lines to Perl code that uses LWP::UserAgent resp. WWW::Mechanize.