Interlude 2, in which I write more about the release pipeline

The author tests in my module publication pipeline are only one part of the task. The other tasks are actually running the checks, making sure that my public Github repositories are updated with each release and actually pushing the distribution file out onto CPAN. Of course, I have these steps automated.

Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 8 of X) wherein I release leftovers

I have already mentioned it, but I didn't release Template::Provider::ArchiveTar right when I released Archive::Merged even though the two modules are really intended to work in tandem.

Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 7 of X) Wherein I Enter the Archives

Originally written for providing installable themes for my photo publishing app, App-imagestream, I wrote two modules that make it very easy to provide a basic theme for a web application in an archive. This still allows for quick customization by overlaying the contents of the archive with the contents of another archive or a directory in the file system.

Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 6 of X) wherein I expose my bad taste for all to see

Part of my motivation for the virtual spring cleaning is that I have many slow-cooking pet projects in which I try out new modules or features that have not yet passed the test of time, at least at the moment of creation. Usually, I only work on these projects when I have both, inspiration and downtime, usually right after Perl workshops. One example of such a project is a prototype of a rogue-like game named App::StarTraders (unpublished) which is intended to become a clone of Elite.

Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 5 of X) in which I release Backblaze::B2(::Async)

I'm a sucker for early access to free APIs. So I quickly went forward when Backblaze opened up access to their B2 storage API, and implemented a client for it, Backblaze::B2. I feel a bit guilty for releasing a module without having a use case for it myself, but instead of letting it rot on my filesystem, I'm putting it out for others to use.