A feed reader (2)

After asking around, I gave Giannis "feeder" a second look. Indeed adding the missing features was almost trivial and Gianni was highly responsive about merging my patches.

Now the mailed blog posts can look like this:


A feed reader

Dear lazyweb,

Since trying to hide from the cloud, I've solved my problem of synchronizing address books and calendars with my home machine through (paid) Android CalDav adaptors and Davical. What I'm now looking for is a nice RSS reader to supply me with well-prepared information during my daily subway ride.

Trying to hide from the Cloud

I'm trying to get Plync to work with my Nexus 7, mainly because I want non-Google calendar synchronization between my mobile, my desktop and this shiny toy. Authentication works, but the Nexus 7 does not want to list the available folders at all and does not attempt to synchronize the Calendar folder.

To further debug this, having a good+free (or at least, available) ActiveSync server that I could use to debug the network traffic against would be very convenient. $work does not use ActiveSync, so it won't be much use there...

Twitter Bootstrap templates for Dancer Applications

look, I'm using the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework. A side effect is, that I wrote Dancer::Layout::Bootstrap, a set of Template Toolkit templates that import the Bootstrap layout into Dancer. I hope that this will evolve into a way to add external data files and maybe even layout templates to scaffolding frameworks such as Dancer.

Pretty Pictures

="Dancer Start Screen with Boots…

How many faces do you count?

How many faces do you count in this image?

image-ccv-face-mass.png="text-align: center; displa…