HTML Content Extraction / Instapaper

I recently found the old Instapaper extraction rules to rewrite HTML content in a way that is easier on the eyes for consumption. This find has resulted in me writing HTML::ExtractContent::FTR and HTML::ExtractContent::Pluggable to get a nice/concise way to scrape HTML from sites for consumption via RSS or mail.

London Perl Workshop 2015 - a retrospective

The London Perl Workshop 2015 was the first workshop in a long time where I did not present a talk. This left me free to listen to the talks without worrying about my slides or wanting to go through my demo one more time. So, without further ado, here's my retrospective of the talks I saw:

Fruits of YAPC::Europe - Image::JpegMinimal

In which we create "instant" image previews in HTML (with a smidgen of Javascript)

After reading a bit of how Facebook makes the transfer of profile images faster for low bandwidth connections and bringing my photo gallery generator up to speed to exhibit my pictures of YAPC::Europe 2015 and Granada (that's a transient link), I thought about reimplementing the "compression" in Perl and some Javascript on t…

(should be a) Reply to [GPW 2015] German train drivers' union calls 5-day strike starting Tuesday

The German Perl Workshop will take place as planned. The following mail was sent out to (I assume) all attendees:

Dear GPW attendee,

today it was announced that the train drivers of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) will be taking part in a strike. So it will be very difficult to come to Dresden by train. You probably know the alternatives yourself. We hope that you will come to Dresden without problems!

Here in Dresden we have a good public transportation service and we have
a nice offer for you: We or…

Perl in your Pocket (Android)

I put off my talk submission for the German Perl Workshop for some time, mostly because I was not satisfied with the ideas and code I had. But I just submitted my talk proposal, which is to show how to compile and use Perl on Android. The Perl documentation seems quite simple and using it and the documentation online led me to an almost working Perl. What really surprised me was how fast my (Snapdragon 801-powered) phone was at compiling Perl.

The talk will touch compiling a custom Perl, platform peculiarities of Android, using m…