Playing with Docker and Sparrow

Docker is quite popular solution to rapidly spin up developers environments. I have been playing with it and it seems fun for me. The other fun thing I found that Sparrow could be a good solution to build up new docker images.

Here is short example of how it could be. A few lines in Dockerfile and you have a GitPrep server up and running as docker container. Whew!

Here is my Dockerfile:

FROM perl:5.20
RUN apt-get update
RUN apt-get install sudo
RUN apt-get install git-core
RUN cpanm Sparrow
RUN sparrow index update
RUN sparrow index summary
RUN sparrow plg install gitprep
RUN sparrow plg run gitprep
CMD sparrow plg run gitprep --param action=start --param start_mode=foreground

I base on official perl docker image and then let all the job to be done by sparrow gitprep plugin!

This is how one can use it:

$ git clone
$ cd docker-projects/gitprep

Build an image with target melezhik/gitprep or whatever you want. You probably will need to run this command more than once if meet "Installing the dependencies failed: Installed version (1.636) of DBI is not in range '== 1.634'" error.

$ sudo docker build -t melezhik/gitprep .

Run gitprep server

$ sudo docker run -p 10020:10020 -d -i melezhik/gitprep

Test it!


Installing docker engine on Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 (LTS) using sparrow

While playing with docker I created a simple sparrow plugin to install docker engine on Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 (LTS) - . Please let me know if other platform to support you need! ;))


Sparrow plugins development tutorial in Russian.

Sparrow plugins development tutorial in Russian.

Sparrow project highlights


It seems Sparrow project is getting stabilized with version 0.1.*, I don't think I am going to change API radically in the future ... The same for Outthentic which accordingly hit version 0.1.* as well.

So to sum things up:

  • Outthentic - is multi purposes, multi languages scenarios framework. You choose between one of the three options when writing scenarios on Outthentic - Perl, Ruby or Bash.

  • Who is supposed to use Outthentic? Anybody looking for process automation - developers, IT or devops.

  • One of the intriguing of Outthentic feature is "embedded" testing system based on Outthentic::DSL resulting in scenarios report in TAP format. You write your scenario to solve your issues, you test your scenario using Outthentic::DSL - this is indivisible approach.

  • Outthentic does not force you to use a "special" language to write your scenarios , you choose Perl, Ruby or Bash ( More languages in plans , Perl6 , huh ? ;). Instead Outthentic provides your some integration, testing facilities to make scenario development process more effective ...

  • Sparrow is a kinda orchestration tool to make outthentic scenarios development and distribution process more simple and agile. Outthentic scenarios could be packaged, distributed, grouped and configured to make it easier scenarios usage in a industrial way.

  • SparrowHub - is a central repository for reusable multi purposes scenarios. An only few plugins could be found here right now but this will be a good start point for other sparrow plugin developers on how to create a new plugins.

That is it.

Have a useful scenario? Excellent! Wrap it up into sparrow plugin and upload it into SparrowHub! That is so easy ...

--- Alexey Melezhik

Outthentic expansion


This is a quick post on latest Outthentic changes going to be released in the nearest future. Not going into technical details, I would gladly say that:

  • Outthentic is turning into "Multipurpose scenarios framework" meaning not only test or reports scripts, but ANY scripts or scenarios could be written on this tool.

  • Outthentic is getting language agnostic tool ( but it is still written on Perl ! ). Now one may use Perl, Bash or Ruby to extend basic DSL, see a lot of examples here and a heavily updated documentation here

All these features are kinda under active development, but one may play with developers version installing from the github source code.


--- Alexey Melezhik

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