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I have just started a repository of portable web tests -
This is an alpha stage. Please follow up:

- Read what swat is
- Create your test suite useful for others
- Publish it to CPAN
- List it to


Regards. Alexey.

MongoDB monitoring with swat

MongoDB provides some http interface to enable monitoring.

Swat is a perl/bash DSL for web application smoke tests. The one of interesting feature of swat is that one could easy create a smoke tests suite for a certain application and then distribute it as cpan module.

Imaging you an IT guy. So add monitoring for mongo now is as simple as installing ="…

swat for Dancer

SWAT is simple DSL to create a smoke tests for any web application in easy and fast way. Recently I have created some tests for well known perl web framework Dancer. This tests might be used by Dancer developers as simple smoke tests suite could be run at any CI platform.


Swat and Mojolicious

Hi. I continue to share some swat news. SWAT is automation test framework written on bash/perl and providing a simple DSL to rapidly create smoke tests for web applications.

Mojolicious is a ... ok ... everybody knows it :) - well known web application framework.

Recently I found it quite interesting idea of generating swat tests for existed mojo applications using routes introspection.

So this is how I created Mojolicious::Command::swat

This is a draft, I have not …

swat - Simple Web Application Test ( Tool )

As devops I update a dozens of web application weekly, sometimes I just have no time sitting and wait while dev guys or QA team ensure that deploy is fine and nothing breaks on the road. So I need a tool to run smoke tests against web applications. Not tool only, but the way to create such a tests from the scratch in way easy and fast enough. So this how I came up with the idea of swat.

Keywords - perl, curl, Test::More, TAP, prove, bash