Sparrow moves to Perl6

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For those whom it may concerns Sparrow announces move to Perl6. I've have started the reddit thread to explain what and why.

Thank you


Swat v. 0.2.0

With upcoming version 0.2.0 swat removes usage of prove as internal test runner. There are some -minor- breaking changes due to this. For those who uses swat I would recommend to read GH pages docs and in case you'll need help with migration of your project to the latest swat version don't hesitate to contact me.


Alexey Melezhik

Outthentic - quick way to develop users scenarios

Whether you are operations guy, devops or developer from time to time you deal with scripts development for various tasks - handy utilities, automation scripts, monitoring tools, so on.

Outthentic - is universal, language independent framework to encourage scripts development in easy and fun manner.

Here is short introduction into it - "Outthentic – quick way to develop users scenarios".

Automation of ssh/scp commands with sparrowdo

Hi! here is short post on how to automate ssh/scp commands using sparrowdo - configuration management tool, written on Perl6.



How to list BitBucket repositories with sparrow

Listing BitBucket repositories could be annoying task even though BitBucket exposes a Rest API for this, and the reason for it is pagination - BitBucket sends result back spited by pages, so you need to request a next page till the end. This is hard to automate and prevent me form using BitBucket API directly.

Well, I have dropped a small sparrow plugin to handle with this task. At least it works for me. It lists ( in plain text format ) all the repositories for given project and team. There a lot of option of plugin you will find at documentation but the usual workflow is:

install plugin

$ sparrow plg install bitbucket-repo-list

run plugin

Here you lists repositories for given project and team. You should supply your Bitbucket credentials to request team/project information:

$ sparrow plg run bitbucket-repo-list \
--param login=superuser --param password=keep-it-secret \
--param team=heroes \
--param project=humans

That is it. Hopefully will be useful for someone deal with BitBucket repositories.

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