Outthentic does not rely on Test::More any more.

Finally I decided not to use Test::More and Perl Test-Harness in Outthentic anymore.

These are the great tools proven in many many testing projects. But Outthentic tends to be more general purpose framework to run ANY scripts, rather than being a test framework only. Some testing facilitates are still here, but they poorly use a Test::More/Test-Harness entities, so I decided to rewrite story runner to get an asserts execution results in free style - so no TAP indeed is required.

$ cat story.pl 

print "hello from perl";

$ cat story.check 
hello from perl

$ strun 

/ started

hello from perl
OK  scenario succeeded
OK  output match 'hello from perl'

Such a changes might result in potential breakage for some sparrow plugins but I will fix it soon.

-- Regards

Alexey Melezhik

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