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DBIx::Class Anti-Verbosity

Every time I set up a DBIx::Class schema for a project, I find myself re-implementing the same pattern. While DBIC is one of the great things about modern Perl, it requires a lot of typing. Whenever I want to grab some stuff from a table, it's

my @records = $schema->resultset( 'CamelCasedClassName' )->search( ... );

Today, I used DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader to auto-generate a schema for a fun little 182-table database. I ended up with modules with names like MyApp::DBIC::Result::XStreamQueryParentArticle and MyApp::DBIC::Result::ArticleElementContent and so forth. Very useful, but what painful nomenclature.

So I ended up doing the same little hack that I always do, but improved upon it a bit this time, and have finally arrived at a solution that I really like.

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