Further Perl 6 Adventures

Howdy, peoples! I've written a few more posts on my blog about my adventures exploring Perl 6.

  • Exploring Perl 6: Sigil Invariance is all about the basic rules for variable sigils in Perl 6 and how they differ from previous Perls.
  • Exploring Perl 6: Numeric Types covers the built-in number types in Perl 6, including the fantastically useful native support for rationals, and even comp…
  • Exploring Perl 6: Up and Running

    After a remarkably long wait, several false starts, and an unfathomable amount of work by the community, Perl 6 is here. Let's see just how easy it is to get up and running and to write a few simple programs.

    Read more on my blog: Perl 6: Up and Running with rakudobrew.

    Automating Stratopan Releases with Dist::Zilla

    I recently started using Jeffrey Thalhammer's excellent Stratopan to manage CPAN dependencies for a new Perl project. I had played a little with Stratopan before, but now that I'm starting to get some use out of it, I am even more impressed with Jeffrey's work.

    Stratopan allows you to create your own CPAN-like site in the cloud, which you can use to maintain a stable basket of dependencies for your project. You won't have to worry about new versions of distributions sneaking onto your private CPAN and breaking your stuff. Even better, you can upload your own, private CPAN-like distributions, and now you have the entire CPAN toolchain available to manage your internal codebase.

    Read more at my blog: Automating Stratopan Releases with Perl's Dist::Zilla

    Removing Boilerplate with Import::Into

    use feature 'signatures';
    use feature 'postderef';
    no warnings 'experimental::signatures';
    no warnings 'experimental::postderef';

    That can be abbreviated a bit by passing a list to feature and just turning off the entire experimental class of warnings:

    use fe…

    MongoDB wants Perl programmers

    If you love Perl and are interested in MongoDB, we want to hire you. Feel free to drop me a line at friedo@mongodb.com if you're interested, or take a look at the official posting here. The full job description is below.