Early set of YAPC::NA 2012 videos on Youtube

I wasn't able to attend YAPC::NA 2012.

Yet i was able to attent YAPC::NA 2012.

"Huh?" you say.

Simple, i was what is called a Remote Attendee. With #yapc on irc.perl.org, the con had an excellent and well-frequented IRC channel where both people that stayed at home, as well as physical con attendants mingled and talked about god, the world, con organization, the talks being given and software in general. Everyone was able to chat about the talks because the con orga had managed to make live streams available for four of the five con rooms and that in excellent quality.

So thanks a lot for JT and the rest of the YAPC::NA staff for a job extremely well done!

The only dark-grey mark: The venue insisted on using their own system, which streamed ASF via a Silverlight player. People could use Moonlight, but a good number of people refused that on principle. Enterprising perl mongers quickly figured out how to play the streams with VLC and also how to dump them to disk. On Friday, the third day, i started using these to capture on my windows machine and despite some setbacks via VLC, i was able to grab a bulk of the talks on that day.

All of these videos are now up in this Youtube Playlist. So if you didn't get to see any of the talks, or missed one you wanted to see, have a look, maybe it's in there. And if you haven't seen Perl and CPAN or the Surprise Guest Speaker talk you should go see them now.

As well, you might want to check back later, as i'm still working grabbing and converting more backlog. It won't be complete coverage of the con, which will be done later by Presenting Perl, but it should tide you over until then.

On request i can also make the raw video files available that i got. You can grab me via my CPAN email or as Mithaldu on irc.perl.org.


thank you, it is much appreciated.

the pre-event marketing for yapc was great on a day-to-day basis as their was a constant (yet annoying to some) stream of talk adverts, but the wiki was not very useful compared to previous years.
it doesn't even have a basic search function, so i had to resort to google to find the page with the talk listing so i could find the talk slides.

Wow. That's lightning speed for getting the talks online and kudos for just getting it done. I'm very grateful for this as I missed a number of interesting talks because of scheduling etc. I'm sure there are others who attended the conference who will also find this very helpful.

As far as doing this on your Windows platform goes, did you find this easier to get done on Windows because of available software or is more because that's what you're using right now? I ask, in part, because you rightfully took me to task recently for making blanket statements about Windows. :) There were actually numerous times at the conference that people commented on the fact that being dismissive of Windows is counter-productive to trying to stimulate growth in the community.

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