TPF made me wait 301 hours to learn my punishment

Edit2: After further talk with CAT, i will acknowledge that it was not the intent of the CAT to make me wait, and they in fact did not even realize this was the effect.

I am the "second individual", i am intimately familiar with the events of both their investigations.

Shortly before the TPF informed me that their start-of-may update was nearly ready to be posted, i informed them that these were my expectations:

2021-04-29 19:00
> all i care about are correct, accurate, truthful and useful consequences

I was wholly disappointed.



First Perl Steering Council elected to replace Pumpking position

The most important Perl Governance poll yet has concluded. The position of Pumpking is no more, and is instead now held by a shared 3 person Steering Council, as defined in perlgov.pod:

To quote RJBS:

Perl has two well-defined bodies involved in its governance: a core team of a few dozen and a steering council of three people. The core team sets the rules of Perl governance, votes on membership of the two groups, and delegates substantial decision making power …

Perl Toolchain Summit 2017 - PPI 1.222 has been released - tests, parsing fixes

PPI is a Perl document parser that enables easy analysis and manipulation of Perl source code in a structured manner.

It has been 2.75 years since the last PPI release, v1.218, so we're on a curve of shortening the gaps. ;)

Thanks to the efforts of many contributors to PPI, the support of the people at the Perl Toolchain Summit, the sponsors of the PTS, and specifically Matthew Horsfall (alh) (WOLFSAGE) i have been able to confidently release again after years spent grappling with overwhelming amounts of fixes to untested behavior, often with mutually conflicting results.

Particular thanks goes to the Sponsors for the Perl Toolchain Summit 2017:, ActiveState, cPanel, FastMail, MaxMind, Perl Careers, MongoDB, SureVoIP, Campus Explorer, Bytemark, CAPSiDE, Charlie Gonzalez, Elastic, OpusVL, Perl Services, Procura, XS4ALL, Oetiker+Partner.

Without the support of all of these people and companies this release would not have happened.

The highlights of this release are:

  • unit tests for many parts, both passing and TODO
  • many documentation fixes
  • many parsing fixes
  • various fixes to the behaviors of methods
  • removal of problematic dependencies
  • do not expect '.' in @INC
  • added ->version method to PPI::Statement::Package
  • remove unused PPI::Document->new timeout feature

More details are available in the Changes file in the release itself:

If you, or the modules you use, depend on PPI, please test how this new version runs with your software.

Of particular note is a change in the release process enabled by the PTS and Matthew Horsfall. Originally releasing PPI required notifying a great many people of the availability of a new release and awaiting the results of their own tests. Matthew provided me with a tool that allows smoking the modules depending on a dist against various versions of it with great ease, so PPI has already been tested against all of its first-level dependents and all the Perl::Critic::* modules. This process has also already identified a problematic fix which has been held back until Perl::Critic can address it.

A discussion of DBIx-Class governance and future development

Due to a dispute on the exact nature of the future of DBIx-Class development after Peter Rabbitson's pending departure, a conversaton has been opened on the DBIx-Class mailing list to feel out what the users of DBIx-Class think.

If you have an interest in the module and its future, please have a read of the current sitation, and maybe leave a note on your position:…

Please test MITHALDU/OpenGL-0.6704_05.tar.gz

Reaching out to the Perl community at large due to this release being hardware-sensitive and feedback being most useful to me when it comes from many various hardware combinations, particularly if the graphics cards involved are older or stranger.

Please test this CPAN developers release on your platforms to confirm that
there are no regressions from the last stable release. ... Actually,
please do report any and all errors you can see, i am VERY keen to see
what other issues this throws up on different platforms.