How many ways to start a process do you know?

Note: The titular question applies only to different ways in Perl.

I am planning to write a small guide/comparison of the different ways to start a process in Perl and while thinking about all the ways i do know, became certain that:

1. my knowledge about the ways i know is not complete
2. there will be ways i do not even know about

Thus i am turning to the Perl community for help. Please tell me what ways you know to start a process in Perl and all of the permutations it can go through. :)


Aside from the builtin functions (system, qx, exec and fork) as well as the '|' modes for the open builtin you will probably receive a lot of CPAN modules to include in your comparison.

My favorite is IPC::Run3. It offers a lot of options around child processes and is definitely worth to get mentioned.

Two alternatives I remember having used and in CORE since Perl 5, are IPC::Open2 and IPC::Open3.

But -- my knowledge is limited as well. I am sure you will receive more answers.

Don't forget most event systems will probably have their own specific ways as well. POE::Wheel::Run, IO::Async::Process, AnyEvent no doubt will have something too, GLib's gspawn,...

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