Please Test: PPI 1.217_01 - bug fixes, speed optimizations, tests, doc improvements

You can get the latest dev release from your closest CPAN mirror, or manually from MetaCPAN:

After Adam Kennedy made his last release of PPI in February 2011 with 1.215, the contributions of Revision: Tom Wyant, Olivier Mengué, David Steinbrunner, Matthew Horsfall (alh), massive amounts of work by Mike O'Regan, more help and most importantly the blessing of Adam Kennedy, moral and substantial support by Matt Trout, and some work by myself, the first release candidate of PPI in 3.5 years is now on CPAN, soon to be a real release.

The change log has a detailed listing and the git repository is even more detailed (it even has tags if you clone it). That said, the summary of the changes is:

  • a number of fixes to how Perl is parsed, notably around the x operator and some case sensitivity
  • many speed optimizations, allowing PPI to parse big files in reasonable time (the 1MB limit is now removed)
  • many many doc fixes
  • many more tests for previously untested code
  • PPI is now on Github

If you use PPI in any capacity, please test it and let me know what your results are, BOTH bad and good. Bad results preferrably in the github issues.

My expected release time for this is the early european evening on the 15th of August.

If you would like to test it, but need more time, please also let me know. I'm fully willing to push the release date back as far as is needed.


I'm really happy to see such an important module getting a new lease of life, thanks for picking this up.

This is also your gentle reminder to release on the 16th, not the 15th ;-)

I'm excited! :-)

Will you also be working on parsing syntax for newer versions of Perl, such as say, package block, defined-or, given/when, etc? I didn't see mention of those in the Changes file.

I just tested it by installing it and then (re-)installing Marpa::R2 V 2.088, and running all the tests for my modules which use Marpa. Result:

All tests (523) for my Marpa-based modules passed after installing PPI 1.217_01.

I just tested it by installing it and then (re-)installing Marpa::R2 V 2.088, which has some tests runs when PPI is available, and it Marpa::R2 built tested and installed with PPI 1.217_01 ok on windows (cl, perl 15.8.1) and cygwin (gcc, perl 5.14.1).

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