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Challenge: At least one PR a day in a month

Since I started my journey of PullRequest, I always wanted to do at least one PR a day every month. I found it very tough and have only managed few times. To be precise 3 times in the year 2015 (Oct: 45, Nov: 31, Dec: 60). However the following year 2016 wasn't as good as expected, unfortunately. I could only successfully managed to do that in one month (Dec: 77). This year 2017, I am charged up again to do at least 6 months, if not at least beat my year 2015 target of 3 months. So far I could only do 2 months (Jan: 63, Jul: 32). I still have plenty of time in my hand and hopeful to get…

1000th consecutive days releasing to CPAN

Today, Sunday 23rd July 2017, is the 1000th consecutive days of releasing to CPAN. It means a lot to me personally and certainly not an easy task. I have been through many ups and downs in this entire journey. I would say many ups than downs. What inspired to me start the journey? It was one of the blog by Neil Bowers that got me started.

Then came a time when Barbie decided to stop after completing 370th consecutive releases to CPAN. He even wrote a ="http://blogs.perl.org/users/barbie/2015/03/a-year-of-cpan-uploads…

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