Challenge: At least one PR a day in a month

Since I started my journey of PullRequest, I always wanted to do at least one PR a day every month. I found it very tough and have only managed few times. To be precise 3 times in the year 2015 (Oct: 45, Nov: 31, Dec: 60). However the following year 2016 wasn't as good as expected, unfortunately. I could only successfully managed to do that in one month (Dec: 77). This year 2017, I am charged up again to do at least 6 months, if not at least beat my year 2015 target of 3 months. So far I could only do 2 months (Jan: 63, Jul: 32). I still have plenty of time in my hand and hopeful to get another 4 months, in the remaining months of the year.

At times, I feel like starting with one PR a week challenge and then move up slowly.
Any suggestions/ideas?


As one who has been an appreciative recipient of your PRs, perhaps overlooking a few months at a time, choosing your projects in advance, and slotting out how you can sort the easier PRs from the more difficult ones, and organizing in this fashion.

If your goal is numbers, this may be a decent approach. It may allow you to get several small ones done to keep with pace, while working on the larger ones in tandem so you can queue these ones up to finalize in the months you may lack the time.

Either way, I've appreciated your hard work as a direct beneficiary, and for the Perl community as a whole. Whatever you decide, just keep moving forward :)


s/overlooking/looking ahead/

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